ORCID http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3254-3790

My name is Thomas Arildsen. I work at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark, as an assistant professor at the Department of Electronic Systems. I am a signal processing engineer with a PhD (also from AAU) in the area of source coding – you can see more details on my LinkedIn Profile.

I currently do research applying compressed sensing in signal processing together with colleagues from our section Signal and Information Processing [1]; you can see some of the research I have been involved in here [2].

I blog about my own research, others’ research in my area, as well as open science-related things I hear about here and there and find interesting.

[1] http://www.es.aau.dk/sections-labs/Signal-and-Information-Processing/
[2] http://vbn.aau.dk/en/persons/thomas-arildsen%28334e2ddc-15ec-4123-82b7-de85132ae371%29/publications.html